Come take a look at Urban Village Garza Sada, where you will find a wide variety of stores, restaurants, services, entertainment and a lot of fun!
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Restaurante Palax
Since 1965, Palax Restaurant has stood out as one of the best northern food restaurants in the state. Visit them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to enjoy the richest Mexican food.
81 1306 5280
Jack Bricks Food Hall
If you're looking for comfort food, at Jack Bricks they have exactly what you're looking for. Wings, burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches... everything you could ask for to spend a great evening with friends! Find Jack Bricks at Garza Sada Urban Village.
81 2355 2534
Are you looking for something to captivate your palate? Buchakas is the right place for you. At Buchakas you can find delicious food prepared with the best quality. Find it at Garza Sada Urban Village.
Costanzo Chocolateria
Fast Food
For fine chocolates, nothing better than Costanzo Chocolates. This traditional Italian brand was founded in 1890, arriving in Mexico almost 100 years ago. Since then, Costanzo has positioned itself as a leading brand in the chocolate industry. You still don't know them? Find their store at Garza Sada Urban Village to discover their impressive flavor.
Fast Food
Craving an elote? At Farmville you will find the best roasted elotes for every taste, from elote habanero to elote traditional. If you prefer other things, at Farmville you can also get deliciously prepared snacks! Find them at Garza Sada Urban Village.
81 8335 1631
La Tostada
Fast Food
Tacos, tostadas and soups are only a few of the deliciously traditional dishes that Taqueria La Tostada offers their clients in their more than 50 restaurants. Visit them at Garza Sada Urban Village to try it out for yourself!
Fast Food
The best of the traditional cajun food of New Orleans straight to your mouth thanks to Banjo's. Visit them at Garza Sada Urban Village.
81 1356 4726
Fonda China
Fast Food
At Fonda China you will find delicious, colorful, aromatic food with an amazing flavor. A delight for your palate! Find it at Garza Sada Urban Village.
Mr. Fish
Fast Food
The best fish and seafood in the area are in Mr. Fish at unbelievable prices! Perfect for lunch or dinner, Mr. Fish offers a variety of fillets, cocktails, ceviches, broths, and even tacos and hamburgers! Find them at Garza Sada Urban Village.
81 1253 4440
Nikkori Sushi
Fast Food
Craving Japanese? You can find it at Garza Sada Urban Village. At Nikkori Express enjoy a variety of appetizers, tempuras, rolls, and delicious poke bowls!
81 1358 4839
Fast Food
Looking to live a healthier life? Then Puro Fresco is the perfect place for you. At Puro Fresco you will find natural, high-quality products with the freshest ingredients! Try them at Garza Sada Urban Village.
Viva Pizza
Fast Food
Tired of the same old pizza? At Vivapizza they have a selection of handmade pizzas that you won't be able to resist! Try their delicious pastas, burgers, salads and appetizers. Find them at Garza Sada Urban Village.
81 1358 4840
Church's Chicken
Fast Food
Since 1952, Church's Chicken has distinguished itself by its high quality chicken and its delicious dishes. Prove the reason behind so many years of success in your branch.
81 1356 4680
Italian Coffee
Coffee shop
Are you looking for an excellent coffee? Here you will find it in different and delicious combinations. Come to Italian Coffe to enjoy a good coffee in the company of your family or friends, we are waiting for you!
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